Fulfilling the Promise

Dear IU Faculty and Staff,

As we continue to work to keep IU data and systems secure, we will soon require all IU employees to use Two-Step Login (also known as two factor authentication) for all IU logins. The sooner you enable it for all Central Authentication System (CAS) logins, the better. Many have already activated the Two-Step Login for CAS, and it will become mandatory for all by year end.

Email and online scams increasingly target faculty and staff in higher education. Cyber thieves are constantly looking for ways to hijack your accounts, steal your paychecks, or change your grades. We've reached a point where we need another layer of protection to build on existing safeguards.

At Indiana University, we're rolling out Two-Step Login to prevent would-be thieves from accessing your protected information. Even if your passphrase is stolen, Two-Step Login helps keep your account secure with an additional identity verification step to prove you are who you say you are.

I urge you to enroll in Two-Step Login, and enable it for all CAS logins as soon as possible. Visit https://twostep.iu.edu or search One.IU for "two step" to walk through the setup process, manage your device settings, and see a video overview of how Two-Step Login looks in action.

Many of us have already been using Two-Step Login for a few months. You enter your username and passphrase, then use your mobile device or phone to complete a quick verification step. Almost any phone will do, and there's minimal disruption to your work. If you don’t have a phone, there are still other options as well.

If you have questions or concerns, or if you need one-on-one help with setup, please contact your IT Pro or the Support Center. We'll also have face-to-face assistance at events during the months leading up to the enrollment deadline. Details for these events are available at IT News


Brad Wheeler
Indiana University Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

This message has been digitally signed by the Office of the Vice President for IT (OVPIT). I encourage you to verify the certificate before clicking any links.

  Fulfilling the Promise  
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